Project statement 

The Personas project is a tool that helps guide the design team and Practice Fusion to make decisions around product improvements. The project included posters and a company wide presentation. I was the lead designer on this project and collaborated head of User Research to build out these personas, create posters, and present them to the company.


As Practice Fusion matured as a company and product, the design team saw the need to create personas as a tool to help guide the design team and company as a whole to make decisions to improve the product. Our user research team collected qualitative research from site visits, interviews and phone calls with real users to create our personas. Ann and I worked closely on creating iconography and layout of the persona posters. Using qualitative research, we created these personals with details and characteristics that felt real and tangible. 



Ann and I first started by creating mind maps to build out different aspects of our personas. Meera, our model user, carried the motivations, responsibilities, and characteristics of our users. We started to map out key words, visuals, and categories that tied closely with each persona. As we built out Angie (office manager) and Erin (registered nurse), the structure of these posters started to take shape. We started seeing common categories that produced revealing detail around these characters.



After we creating these personas and posters, we were tasked to share this project with the whole company. Because the Practice Fusion team values our customers, our approach to the presentation focused on introducing Meera Kapur as our real life user. We described her practice, her goals, and her changing life to make Meera feel as real as possible. We then revealed that Meera was in fact one of our persona while diving deep into the importance of personas as a tool for the company. We closed our presentation with trivia and "I know Meera Kapur" stickers as prizes. As my first company wide presentation, it was an extremely positive experience that gave the design team a chance to share some of the tools we have been developing.

Meera sticker.png