Practice Fusion Rebrand


Practice Fusion Rebrand

Project statement

The Practice Fusion rebranding project is a redesign that reevaluates the brand attributes and refocuses the brand experience as Practice Fusion moves to a paid subscription model. The project was done to create move professionalism and unification of brand communication and materials. I am a contributing designer on this project and I collaborated closely with user research and fellow contributing designers. 

The problem

With Practice Fusion's move to subscription, the design team felt this was a great opportunity to dedicate some effort to rebranding. The Practice Fusion brand was disjointed, the brand voice was inconsistent throughout our marketing and product.


  • Develop brand attributes

  • Establish visual style of brand

  • Conduct research to understand how to market to our users

My role

  • Key contributor to design brand exploration

  • Provided illustration execution


Attributes workshop

This branding project was a design led initiative that collaborated closely with user research and stakeholders. The design team took charge in research and developing the brand attributes. Led by our principal visual designer, Jenni, she organized workshops to narrow down the Practice Fusion brand into 6 attributes. She involved designers, product managers, marketing, research, and stakeholders in several workshops to capture a wide array of perspectives on the brand. We solidified the brand attributes to:

Empathetic • Professional • Empowering • Approachable • Trusted •Efficient


Competitive analysis

Once we established the brand attributes, we focused in on the strategy of expressing these brand attributes in our designs. This is where we researched our competitors, design trends, and how companies are expressing their brand message visually. Here's what we found:

  1. Our competitors are using photos (stock + tailored photoshoots) and illustrations

  2. Healthcare is playing catch up to tech and design trends

  3. Illustration is being widely adopted in tech and other non tech industries

Designers assisted with quantifying the level of effort for a photographic approach vs illustrative. The designers were each responsible for an illustration execution of the homepage, banners, and other marketing material. This was an opportunity to research current design trends in branding. Illustrations have been widely used as a branding device especially within tech. The design team felt an illustrative approach would elevate the brand and bring healthcare to the present.


We had the opportunity to include user research into this project to gain insight into how to effectively market to current and new users. We created a survey capturing insight into illustration preference, color palette, brand attributes, branding styles, and brand voice. Survey results showed our users are very literal and expect their EHR product to be literal. Our users gravitated towards photographs, although dated and stiff, were easier to relate to than blue human illustrations. The feedback helped point us in the right direction with our illustrations, we added more realism and detail.

Version 1 illustrations

Version 1 illustrations

Version 1 illustrations

Version 1 illustrations


This is an ongoing project. User research has sent out a second survey to test revised illustration styles to users.