HIMSS Conference


HIMSS Conference

Project statement 

The HIMSS booth design project is a collection of print, digital, and environmental designs that promote Practice Fusion presence at the HIMSS 2017 conference. I was the lead designer on this project and my role was to develop a booth concept, resourcing, print, digital, and environmental design. I collaborated with project manager, sales, marketing, stakeholders, vendors, and CEO of Practice Fusion. 


  • Create a unique experience within booth to attract visitors

  • Provide collateral material and presentations to drive conversation.

My role

  • Build coffee shop concept with mock ups

  • Produce printed material for booth environment and collateral

  • Create animated map sequence for booth display


Every year Practice Fusion attends the HIMSS conference, which gathers healthcare information/technology professionals and companies, to participate in the conversation around the advancement of healthcare and technology in America. In order to attract HIMSS conference attendees our project manager presented a unique concept of a coffee shop booth that aligned with Practice Fusion's San Francisco roots and provided free coffee. As lead designer, I was tasked with producing and building off the coffee shop concept with booth design, signage, print design, and schwag.


We had seven months to prepare all materials for this conference. The process started with heavy research on look and feel of modern San Francisco coffee shops and how to capture key features for a conference booth on a budget. From there I produced mock ups of several different executions of the booth layout and overall interior decor. This process took several rounds to get agreement and alignment from stakeholders. 

This project was my first opportunity to design in 3D space and a return to print. I enjoyed the challenge of working with print as it had been quite a while since I had worked in the CMYK. I collaborated closely with our booth vendors on design, asset prep, and furniture selection. When working with print and at this scale, there was several rounds of reviews and email replies. But ultimately we had great success and the booth turned out great!


The HIMSS booth was a hit at the conference. The booth design and concept contributed to high foot traffic and meaningful conversations and deals. Elements of this design were reused for the HIMSS 2018 conference.